In this video you will learn how to securely connect your bank account via Hammock’s Open Banking to track and categorise your transactions in real time.

Real-time monitoring, time saving and easier accounting are only a few benefits of how Hammock’s Open Banking can help you manage your property finances. From mortgage payment, rental income and insurance premiums, you will be able to track both incoming and outgoing transactions on one easy to use dashboard. Here are the easy and quick steps to securely connect Hammock to your bank account.

Head to the ‘Transactions’ tab.

Click ‘Add bank account’.

The first screen will just give you some basic information on how open banking works and what information we'll be taking.

Please note: this is a read-only information and fully encrypted.

By giving you permission for Hammock to read your transactions, that permission lasts for 90 days before you'll have to reconnect.

Once you’ve hit ‘Allow’ the new screen will bring up the banks in the UK Hammock is connected with. Choose your bank and click on it.

You will then be taken to your online bank account where you would log in as normal.

Once you are finished, you will be redirected back to Hammock and all your transactions will be fed through.

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