Hammock <> Xero setup

A step-by-step guide on how to set up the integration between Hammock and Xero

The set up of the integration takes only a few minutes per connected organisation. As you connect Hammock to Xero, you define the mapping between the categories in Hammock and the account codes in Xero. All transactions will then be synchronised in line with the mapping you define.

Create an account / Sign in

From the Xero app store

Add our integration to your account using Get this app. If you do not yet have a Hammock account, one will be created for you.

From Hammock

From the Hammock login page, click on Alternative methods and "Sign in with Xero"

Connect the organisations

Select the organisations you wish to connect.

From this point, you will be able to control all connections by accessing the Xero area in your Hammock account.

In this example, three organisations have been connected.

Configure the connection for each organisation

  1. Select a portfolio to link with each connected Xero organisation

  2. Click on the Xero organisation’s name to access the Xero organisation’s settings

  3. Within each connection, create the required placeholder bank account and set up the Hammock category to Xero account mapping. If an organisation has the same or similar chart-of-accounts as an organisation which has already been mapped, Hammock can copy the mapping from one organisation to another.
  4. [Optional] Create the Hammock placeholder contacts, which can be assigned to transactions based on their category. Otherwise, contacts will be created (or found), then assigned to transactions, based on the transaction's merchant name and/or description.
  5. [Optional] Create Hammock's chart-of-accounts in Xero if you wish to use them (these will be auto-mapped).

With all of the required data and mapping in place, auto-synchronisation of Hammock's transactions to the Xero organisation's bank transactions can be enabled. Existing and new transactions will be sent to the Xero organisation as long as the setting is enabled (see the paragraph "Categorise transactions" below)

Categorise transactions

Categorise income and expenses in Hammock and assign them to the relevant property and tenancy. The information will be synchronised with Xero, either automatically (see paragraph above) or on a case-by-case basis. The categorisation can be updated until a transaction is reconciled in Xero.